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Declaring Anthropology as your Major

  1. Make an appointment with the Anthropology Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies who will go over the requirements for the major with you, answer any questions you have, and assign you a faculty advisor within the department. You can either request a particular faculty member to be your advisor, or the Director of Undergraduate Studies will assign you a faculty member who is available to take student advisees and whose interests are close to your own. If you want to change advisors later, you need only contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies and request a change.
  2. Notify the Advisement Center of the College of Arts and Science (107 Lowry Hall) that you wish to major in Anthropology and tell them who your advisor will be.
  3. By the time you have completed 60 credit hours of coursework you must fill out a Graduation Plan. This should be done in consultation with your advisor. NOTE: before you can do this, you must be in good academic standing and you must have completed Math 1100 or 1120 and English 1000.

    • Your completed graduation plan must be checked over and signed by your advisor.
    • After your anthropology advisor has signed the anthropology grad plan, you must have the Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies sign the form.
    • Make an appointment at the A&S Advisement Center to get the Dean’s stamp and turn in your completed form. You will need to take the original and two (2) copies of your graduation plan with you (one of the copies is for yourself).
  4. You may add a second major or minor at any time after completing your graduation plan by completing an additional graduation plan. You must see an advisor in the department of choice if you wish to do this.
  5. You are likely to find that you are unable to take some of the courses you listed on the graduation plan or that you decided to replace one or more courses with alternatives. This is normal, but if you do so you should make sure your replacement fulfills the same requirement(s) intended by the original course. Before the end of the registration period for the semester in which you intend to graduate, you should make an appointment with Eric Carter at the A&S Advisement Center to verify that you will complete all requirements for graduation.


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