Sean Prall

Assistant Professor
224 Swallow Hall

Postdoc, Center for Behavior, Evolution, & Culture, UCLA, 2016-2019

PhD in Anthropology, Indiana University, 2014

BA in Anthropology, Boise State University, 2008


I am an Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the University of Missouri, with a focus on health and reproductive decision-making. I am the co-director of the Kunene Rural Health and Demography Project, based in rural Namibia, where I have worked since 2016. I am currently the PI of a project, jointly funded by NSF and the SSRC, to examine individual, economic, and cultural factors that mediate vaccination decisions in Namibia. My work employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, including anthropometrics, demography, endocrinology, actigraphy, surveys and interviews, and dyadic peer ratings. In combining these methods, I aim to develop a more holistic picture of health behavior. In addition to my work in Namibia, I am a contributor to the NSF-funded ENDOW project on cross-cultural inequality, and a collaborator on the Shodagor Longitudinal Health and Demography Project in Bangladesh. I am also a board member of the One Pencil Project, a non-profit focused on health and education in the Kunene.

Frequently Taught Courses
  • Anthro 1000 - Introduction to anthropology: biology, prehistory, and culture
  • Anthro 1560 - Outbreaks and the anthropology of emerging disease
  • Anthro 2580 - Evolution of human sexuality
  • Anthro 4300/7300 - Comparative social organization
  • Anthro 4580/7580 - Evolutionary medicine
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Tuesday and Thursday 11-12 in person, or by appointment

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