Deborah M. Pearsall

Professor Emerita
112 Swallow Hall

Dr. Pearsall is an American archaeologist, specializing in paleoethnobotany. She maintains an online Phytolith database. She is a professor emerita in the Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, where she where first began working in 1978. She is no longer accepting students. She received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1979, her dissertation being The Application of Ethnobotanical Techniques to the Problem of Subsistence in the Ecuadorian Formative.

Pearsall was awarded the 2002 Fryxell Award for Exceptional Interdisciplinary Research, by the Society for American Archaeology.

Select Publications


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Recent Journal articles:

2016 Athens, J. S., J. V. Ward, D. M. Pearsall, K. Chandler-Ezell, D. W. Blinn, and A. E. Morrison. Early prehistoric maize in northern highland Ecuador. Latin American Antiquity, in press.

2016 Berman, M. J., A. Middleton, D. M. Pearsall. Crop dispersal and Lucayan tool use in the Central Bahamas: Evidence from starch grain, phytolith, macrobotanical, and artifact studies. Journal for Field Archaeology, in press.

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2014 Rosenswig, R. M., D. M. Pearsall, M. A. Masson, B. J. Culleton, and D. J. Kennett. Archaeic period settlement and subsistence in the Maya lowlands: New starch grain and lithic data from Freshwater Creek, Belize. Journal of Archaeological Science 41:308-321.

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Recent book chapters:

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