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Peter M. Gardner

Peter M. Gardner
Cultural Anthropology
Office Address: 
112 Swallow Hall

I am a generalist, with several specialties that I try to keep in general perspective. I have offered seminars on recent developments in culture theory, ethnosemantics and cognitive diversity, ethnographic generalization, and foraging adaptations plus lecture courses on history of anthropology (covering the four subfields), culture change, anthropology of knowledge, and Asian ethnography. Most importantly, I seek to offer people guidance in effective criticism of their own ideas.


Ecology, social organization and cognition of foragers (in South India 1962-64,1978; in Canadian subarctic 1973, 1974-75); cultural transmission in Hindu India (in general 1967-68, among South Indian sculptors 1978); problems in the study of cognition (1983); and anthropological perspectives on culture theories