Justin Burkett

Research Interest

My interests are in Mississippian/Eastern Woodland cultures, the history and prehistory of North America, Cultural Resource Management, public archaeology, applications of GIS to anthropology and archaeology, how to investigate  folklore through the archaeological record, how peoples relate to natural and built landscapes, and games and performance in the archaeological record.

Currently, I am working on two projects in the department. The first is a study of Ozark and Missouri ghost stories across the landscape to explore how and why folkloric traditions about the landscape begin. For the second, I am working with the Aymara Folklore Database of the Taraco Archaeological Project run by Penn State, Dickinson College, and UC Berkeley, to study how folkloric understandings of landscape and archaeological interpretation of the same landscape align or diverge.

Office Hours

11-12 on Tuesday and 12-1 on Wednesday, or by appointment in Swallow Hall 229

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