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Welcome to Mizzou's Department of Anthropology! 

Our university is the oldest public land grant institution west of the Mississippi, a member of the AAU, and the highest category of research universities, R1. We are a small department with an emphasis on data driven scientific approaches to the study of human biology, behavior, culture, and evolution.  Departmental faculty conduct research all over the globe, and ongoing research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, and includes field, lab, and computational methods. We continue to be an active and vibrant center for scientifically oriented anthropological research, teaching, and scholarship.

"The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences."  Ruth Benedict

Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR

The MURR Archaeometry Laboratory encourages scholarly research and academic development a top priority. As such, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with the bright young students from across the globe. Since 1988, the Archaeometry Laboratory has provided analytical services for a large number of students pursuing graduate degrees in chemistry and archaeology. In addition, the lab regularly trains undergraduate and graduate students, and operates an internship program for graduate students.


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