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Undergraduate Program

The University of Missouri Department of Anthropology offers three area program concentrations: general liberal arts BA, pre-professional BA, or Honors BA.

Within each of these three programs, a student may select a subfield of emphasis:

An undergraduate major in anthropology provides a broad educational base that can be the core of a liberal arts education or the background for specific vocational or professional goals of a student. Anthropology is of particular value to students planning professional careers in a world of cultural and ethnic diversity. Anthropology majors are required to take core courses in all three focal areas of the discipline, but may emphasize one or more of them in their remaining courses. Students may also develop an interdisciplinary program in cooperation with other departments or schools. In addition, the department offers an anthropology minor to students who are majoring in other departments and who will profit by more formal training in the discipline.

The Anthropology Department provides many opportunities for students to become involved in research and encourages all students to do so. Such experiences help a student develop creativity, critical thinking skills, and skills in problem solving and writing. Students who are interested in doing anthropological research have several options, including working in close conjunction with a faculty member or working on an independent project under faculty supervision. An independent research experience may lead to an honors degree for eligible students.

Undergraduate training in anthropology prepares students for work in government agencies (both in the United States and overseas), museum positions, field positions in, for example, archaeology, ethnography, human paleontology, death investigation, or linguistic studies, and for graduate study leading toward college or university teaching of anthropology. An anthropology degree also provides good background for careers in business, journalism, health care, law, and many other fields.

Director of Undergraduate Studies                                                                 
Greg Blomquist                                                                                                      
236 Swallow Hall