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Minor in Anthropology

A student wishing to minor in Anthropology should email the academic advisor Jen Schaffer at schafferjm@missouri.edu. The requirements for a minor in anthropology are:

  1. A total of 15 hours of course credits in anthropology approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. At least 9 hours must be completed at MU.
  2. No more than 6 hours of the 15 hours required for the minor may be drawn from courses numbered below 2000. In addition, a minimum of 3 hours must be in courses numbered 3000 or above.
  3. Readings, research, or problems courses shall constitute no more than 6 of the required 15 hours.
  4. Anthropology Minor Form filled out and signed

These procedures and requirements were approved March 17, 2004. This Program is effective for all students who file initial anthropology graduation plans after this date.