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Craig T. Palmer

Craig T. Palmer
Associate Professor
Director of Undergrad Studies
Cultural Anthropology
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224 Swallow Hall
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T, TH 11:00-12:00 & 2-3, and by appointment

Craig T. Palmer earned his PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Arizona State University in 1988.  He research focuses on incorporating cultural traditions into evolutionary explanations of human behavior. His publications include co-authored books on religion (The Supernatural and Natural Selection), sexual aggression (The Natural History of Rape), the ecological collapse of the Canadian cod fishery (When the Fish are Gone), and altruism (Kindness, Kinship and Tradition in Newfoundland/Alberta Migration).  He has performed fieldwork in Canada since the 1980s, but is now studying the ability of stories about selfless acts of sacrifice to inspire altruistic acts in others. 


My current research examines both the general ability of traditional morally elevating stories to inspire evolutionary advantageous altruism among many generations of co-descendants, and the specific ability of stories about individuals who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust to inspire altruism in people from different religious and national backgrounds. Since 2011 I have performed content analysis of morally elevating depictions of rescuers in Holocaust Museums in Israel, Germany, Poland, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. This research has been funded by the Binah Yitzrit Foundation, University of Texas, Austin, TX.



Teaching Philosophy
My goal in teaching is to encourage the development of critical thinking skills.


Selected Publications: 

My recent publications:


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