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New Graduate Course Announcement: Evolution Bootcamp

Evolution Bootcamp (Bio_Sc 8002-01). This 1-credit hour course will take place during the intersession from January 11-15th. The goals of the bootcamp are 1) to bring early-stage graduate students up to speed on evolutionary biology, and 2) to develop a sense of community among graduate students from different disciplines across campus. Ultimately, we hope that the bootcamp will be a first step toward building an interdisciplinary graduate program in evolution. We will have an evolution faculty meeting to discuss the next steps of organizing such a program later in the semester.

The course will be team taught by faculty from biology, anthropology, geology, and anatomy, with guest speakers from other campus departments.

Topics that will be addressed include:

• Evolutionary mechanisms as quantitative and stochastic processes

• Understanding deep time • Major events in the evolution of life

• Developing tree thinking skills • Understanding social behavior through evolutionary theory

• Applied evolution

• Dealing with the controversy over evolution

• Science communication and outreach

The course will run all day for five days, including evenings. Evening programming will serve both social and educational functions, e.g., a presentation on the history of evolutionary thought, a screening of Judgement Day, and lab-blitzes to introduce the diversity of evolutionary research across campus.