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Call for nominations and proposals for Dept of Anthropology Graduate Student Awards and Scholarships

This year there are 3 awards to help fund excellent graduate student research!

These are the following: the Gelvin Fund for the more biologically oriented, the Wilson Fund for culturally oriented, and the Wood Fund for archaeology students. See below for details.
Dorothy (Dot) Tompkins Gelvin, Ph.D., Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up by Bruce Gelvin, an alum of our department to honor the memory of his wife, Dot Gelvin, also an alum of our department. It is intended to support MU graduate students pursuing advanced training in biological/physical anthropology. The Biological Anthropology faculty seek proposals from students pursuing research in biological/physical anthropology. Funds can be used to help cover research expenses, travel to meetings, or general support (e.g., covering educational fees). The recipient must show a demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid (e.g. describe in the proposal your need as indicated on a FAFSA form). Students must also have attained a 3.5 or higher GPA for all graduate level anthropology courses. For your application, prepare a two-page (500 word) proposal that includes a description of the activities for which you are requesting funding, a budget, and a statement justifying your need for the requested funds.
H. Clyde Wilson Opportunities for Excellence in Cultural Anthropology was set up by Betty Wilson in honor of her husband Clyde, a long time faculty member. The Cultural faculty seek proposals to promote the professional growth of cultural anthropology graduate students in need of travel funds, research expenses, and/or laboratory costs.  Please provide a short description (1-2 pages) of the activities for which you are requesting funding, a budget, and a CV.
The W. Raymond Wood Opportunities for Excellence in Archaeology is a fund meant to support archaeological research of graduate students. The Archaeology faculty seek proposals for funding of your research.  In particular, we seek students doing archaeological or archaeologically related research who need funding to successfully complete that research. To apply for funding, please submit a two page (500 words) proposal (including brief budget). Funds are intended to support the professional growth of archaeology students through scholarships, travel funds, research expenses, dating and other laboratory costs.

Please send your self-nomination materials to Christine Hudson hudsoncm@missouri.edu as one pdf file with your name and the name of the award in the title. Christine will then forward your materials to relevant faculty in each subfield. Please direct any questions on eligibility or requirements to Rob walkerro@missouri.edu. Deadline is April 4th, 2016,  first day back from Spring Break.