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Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate work leading to the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy with a current enrollment of about 60 graduate students. Our department has a broad scientific approach to understanding human biology and behavior, both past and present, that is grounded in ecological and evolutionary theory. The graduate program provides rigorous coursework with a rich combination of hands-on field and laboratory research experiences. Students work closely with a faculty advisor who helps them pursue fellowships/grants and to develop collaborative research projects.

Active areas of research by our anthropology faculty include:

  • Cultural anthropology: human behavioral ecology, cultural evolution, medical anthropology, and biocultural anthropology with regional foci in Amazonia, Canada, and South Asia
  • Biological anthropology: skeletal biology, functional anatomy, human osteology, Neanderthals, demography, epidemiology, life history, and primate genetics
  • Archaeology: archaeological theory, evolutionary archaeology, zooarchaeology, lithic artifact analysis, ceramic analysis, and material sourcing studies with regional foci in the American Southwest, Mississippi River valley, and Pacific Northwest.

Students are welcome to choose research topics that span across these subfields and often collaborate with students and faculty in other departments such as Pathology and Anatomical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Art History and Archaeology, and Geological Sciences.

We are certain that Mizzou Anthropology offers many opportunities for you to pursue a successful graduate career. We look forward to seeing your application soon.

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Director of Graduate Studies

Libby Cowgill
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